Google tipi demans: bilgiye hızlı ulaşım belleğimize ne yapıyor?

Science’da yayımlanan bu makaleye göre, bilgiye hızlı bir şekilde ulaşabilecek durumda olmamız, bellek becerimizi bozuyor. İnterneti, “harici bir bellek” gibi kullanıyoruz.

Makaleden çarpıcı alıntılar:

These results suggest that processes of human memory are adapting to the advent of
new computing and communication technology. Just as we
learn through transactive memory who knows what in our
families and offices, we are learning what the computer
“knows” and when we should attend to where we have stored
information in our computer-based memories. We are
becoming symbiotic with our computer tools, growing
into interconnected systems that remember less by knowing
information than by knowing where the information can be
found. This gives us the advantage of access to a vast range
of information—although the disadvantages of being
constantly “wired” are still being debated. It may be no
more that nostalgia at this point, however, to wish we were
less dependent on our gadgets. We have become dependent
on them to the same degree we are dependent on all the
knowledge we gain from our friends and coworkers—and
lose if they are out of touch. The experience of losing our
Internet connection becomes more and more like losing a
friend. We must remain plugged in to know what Google

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