Biyolojik Psikiyatri Kongresi Bursa’da Yapılacak…

5-8 Haziran 2014 Tarihleri arasında Bursa’da düzenlenecek olan 2. Avrasya Biyolojik Psikiyatri Kongresinin duyurusunu ilginize sunuyoruz. – TürkPsikiyatri |


Prof. Bilgen TANELİ
Prof. Constantin SOLDATOS
Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2nd Eurasian Congress of Biological Psychiatry” to be held in Bursa, on June 5-8, 2014.

The “1st Eurasian Congress of Biological Psychiatry” was held in Istanbul on May 27-31, 2012. During the first congress, scholars from twenty-five different countries were exposed to a high-level scientific program. These fruitful discussions provided the impetus for us to organize a subsequent congress.

We are optimistic that the second congress will prove just as beneficial to the discourse in biological psychiatry, and will further foster collegial relationships.

Besides creating an atmosphere for scientific exchange, it will be our pleasure, and honor to host this congress in Bursa, a beautiful city rich in history, which served as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

We are confident the scientific and cultural environment will provide the best of both worlds for all attendees.

Prof. Bilgen TANELİ
TSBP President
Congress President
Prof. Constantin SOLDATOS
WFSBP President


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